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Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF) Announces Initial 2015 Lineup

The festival gods just keep on giving! Today, Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF) it’s line-up for the festival’s 3rd year. Taking place in September this time around, TURF will include performances by Of Monsters and Men, Wilco, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Neko Case, Deerhunter, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Shakey Graves and so much more!

Initial line-up here:



Which means there is still more to come!
Can’t wait for this one!

Sunday’s Are The New Friday’s?

Ok Ok so I'm going to admit it.  Every Monday morning for the past ummmmmmm six months I've been hung over.  Yep. Monday.  Not the expected Saturday or even end of week Friday, but Monday.  The start to the week.  Now you're probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this chick? Why would someone want to start the week off hung over and sometimes drunk at work?! Well, if you've ever been to The Dakota Tavern on a Sunday night then you'd totes understand.

Every Sunday night we cram ourselves into the adorable country bar for the alt country/folk/bluegrass/rock n' roll band The Beauties. If you haven't seen The Beauties then you're totally missing out folks! You know how there are those cult classic movies like The Heathers, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire or Pretty In Pink? That's how I feel about The Beauties.  It's the best kept secret.  It actually pains me to write this with the possibility of even one more person showing up causing to what use to be a regulars night and what is now a massive (1 hour wait) line up country dance party.  It's hipsters mixed with the arts, mixed with some country kinda crowd.  No one's afraid to dance like no one is watching.  Actually, if you're not dancing it's bit weird.

The band play three sets a night and pelt out covers that you wouldn't normally hear kind of covers, but love love love like Wilco and Bonnie Ray and once I even heard that Air song by Jordan Sparks (but good).  You also never know who you're going to catch on stage.  I've had the likes of seeing Mr. Ron Sexsmith, my lady Kathleen Edwards, oh my gosh she's in O Magazine Serena Ryder, scary but sweet Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, the amazing Luke Ducet and please play Jellybean Justin Rutledge. 

Everyone has to experience this at least once.  So hurry.  But don't hurry there this Sunday, since the band is taking a couple of weeks off to cure a memeber's injured finger.  Boo.  They'll be back on the soon so wooooooooo! And get there early.

The Dakota Tavern is located at 249 Ossington Avenue right beside that creepy Portuguses sports bar that's full of drunk old men at 8am.  It's hidden The Dakota.  It's a gem.

Clickin' my cowboy boot heals.
Kelly Taylor.

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