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MUST SEE IN THE CITY | This Week’s Toronto Concerts Not To Miss Out On

Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill

Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill/Matador Records

We’re getting our A game on and slowly preparing for the exciting times ahead that is NXNE. And what better way to do that than by checking out the following shows this week:

Who: Kurt Vile & The Violators with Steve Gunn
When: Wednesday, May 28
Why: Because Kurt Vile is god.
Where: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Who: Jack Johnson with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
When: Wednesday, May 28
Why: Because who doesnt want to re-live their youth? Also, probably one of the first outdoor shows of the summer and if that’s not an awesome enough excuse!
Where: Molson Amphitheatre

Who: The Courtneys
When: Friday, May 30
Why: Because Vancouver rock babes represent!
Where: Silver Dollar


Ever wonder what touring is really like for your favourite musicians? We do all the time! Which is precisely why we gave our favourite bands disposable cameras to document life on the road and started a brand new feature called “Shooting the Shit”!

In this instalment, meet The Blank Tapes! This dreamy California three-piece were awesome enough to photograph their life on the road starting in Austin, Texas heading northbound to Toronto.

Don’t know about you, but we would totally be willing to sacrifice our comfy beds for some of the amazing views they came across.

The Blank Tapes are in the middle of yet another tour, stopping in Toronto this week for NXNE, and heading south, on tour with Beach Day and The Melodic.

[flagallery gid=7 name=Gallery]



Hello Toronto!
It’s NXNE time again, and we’re counting down to the festival with a list of all the bands we’re excited to see – from A all the way down to Z.


Beach Day

Bear Mountain

The Blank Tapes

Blue Hawaii


Chad Valley

Dan Deacon

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

Eagle Lake Owls

Ell V Gore

Federal Lights

Fucked Up



Imaginary Cities

July Talk

Kalle Mattson


Majical Cloudz

Mikal Cronin

The National

Old Man Markley

The Penelopes

Quiet Company

Reuben and the Dark

The Soft Moon

South of France

St. Lucia

Star and Micey

Stella Ella Ola

Tyburn Saints

US Girls


Wild Hearses





WISH LIST: One Of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale

Goodness me! You know it’s time to start getting excited about Christmas when the One Of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale comes to town!

As usual, there is a Christmas gift to be found here for everyone. And a gift or ten to spoil yourself with. I ‘sacrificed’ hours going through the aisles of magic to bring your my favourite treasures from this year’s show. You’re welcome: 

Marianne Chenard – Ceramics
Booth Z – 17 

Ok, wow. Over the moon in love with Marianne Chenard’s beautiful Canadiana inspired maple syrup ceramic containers. Available in two sizes, the bigger ones are great for the home, while the smaller ones make the most perfect souvenir gifts.




Wine Planks

Booth V-26
One of my favourite exhibitors from last year is back!  This time – check out these gorgeous garden balls. I’m  tempted to buy one for my future Toronto home that I will be able to afford – never. womp womp. Does make a great gift for friends who can afford homes, though. Or even your apartment’s back deck. It’s too pretty to pass up!


Serge Robert Pottery

Booth U-51
Because of the way the flames hit the ceramics as they are being created, no two of these Japanese tea cups are ever the same, creating the most beautiful and unique pieces. Bonus points for you if you ever gift these to someone who’s been to Japan (me!) – they will love you for always! 



Rachel F Earmuffs

Booth V-32
You guys, I MUST own a pair of these incredibly beautiful earmuffs of heaven. Surely, someone out there must think I’m worth a measly $65?! At that price, I’d like a fur hat thrown in. And a Scarlette bag as well, please.


Katie McLellan’s Stuffed Dudes

Booth D-59
I fell in love with these stuffed dudes at first sight – and then times a million more when I encountered the cutest toddler ever not being able to take his eyes off of them. They’re definitely cute kid approved for those adorable little people in your life.



Dapila Hand Made Casts

Booth T-15
I am spellbound by these decorative handmade casts. They make the most unique bathroom decorations, providing a practical storage solution – from toothbrush holders to vases, and beyond. Love!



Overman Jewellery

Booth B-22
Another returning favourite, Overman creates the most amazing jewellery from watch pieces. Because I already own one of the adorable robots, the bulb necklace is next on my list!



Celine Fafard
Booth C-54
Oh my heart! I am smitten! Celine Fafard’s ceramic pieces include some of the most beautiful mugs, tea cups, bowls and vases I have ever laid eyes on!





The One of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale runs November 22 – December 2.

For more information, check out their website.

CURRENTLY ON REPEAT | Quilt ‘Young Gold’

Don’t mind us. We’re just so, so, so excited for Quilt, along with their Mexican Summer labelmates The Fresh and Onlys, to hit up Toronto. Only 8 more sleeps…and counting!

Current song we can’t stop listening to?
[bandcamp album=903659570 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande]
and the whole dang record!

Quilt and The Fresh and Onlys play Toronto November 14.
Get your tickets here!

For more tour dates, check this out.


Star Watch 2012: 10 Celebrities We’re Excited To Run Into At This Year’s TIFF

Boy, seems just like yesterday we were making our list of the hottest celebrities to casually bump into at the Starbucks in Yorkville for TIFF 2011. And then TIFF came and went and we probably ran into someone but who really knows underneath all that haze that is the free-booze parties? Oh and the movies. So many movies!

Moving right along, here’s list of people we’re determined to run into this year. Some returning favourites, plus a slew of others;








Ezra Miller
Why: See last year.
What he’s in town for: The Perks of Being  A Wallflower. – an adaptation of a novel that probably defined your high school life if you were born in the mid-80s. so yeah.










Marion Cotillard
Why: Because I used to think she was a talented chick, and then I went to Paris and stayed at the most amazing hotel in the world and one night, after devouring all the dessert from the nearby patisserie to the point where I could no longer physically move, I put on La Vie En Rose and watched it with mind fully blown; not only was I watching the movie about a five minute walk from where Edith Piaf was buried, but Marion Cotillard WAS Edith Piaf reincarnated. Mind blown. Mind FREAKING Blown.
What she’s in town for: Rust and Bone








Zac Efron
Why: Because I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen 17 Again – one of the best movies of our time. Stop your snickering, it’s true! And then I watched Charlie St. Cloud and winced in horror of how truly awful that movie was. So now I wait for the moment Zac Efron proves himself again.
What he’s in town for: At Any Price and The Paperboy










Colin Farrell
Why: Because everytime Colin Farrell is in Toronto, he does something ridiculously incredible like saves homeless people! What a dreamboat!
What he’s in town for: Seven Psychopaths








James Franco
Why: Because they don’t come hotter than James Franco these days. And while everyone’s trying to figure out if he’s legitimately insane for all the things that he does, I’m just trying o figure out the best place to stalk him. But in like a friendly Canadian stalking way that won’t get further than me seeing him and manically giggling away to myself, unable to even look at such hotness. SIGH.
What he’s in town for:  The Iceman, Spring Breakers










Garrett Hedlund
Why: Because Country Strong is seriously one of the best movies ever made, especially at the end where (SPOILER ALERT) Gwyneth Paltrow’s character dies. Beau Hutton crooning in a country bar basically solidified my interest in travelling to Nashville, meeting a cowboy and falling in love. For reals.
What he’s in town for: A movie that I can’t believe they let Kristen Stewart ‘act’ in! There should be laws against these types of things, Hollywood!










Kristen Wiig
Why: Because she’s like the funniest lady in America these days, and I want to be her BFF.
What she’s in town for: Imogene







Patrick Schwarzenegger
Why: Because what?! The Schwarzenegger children all grown up? It would be interesting to see if this kid takes after his father in the acting department…
What he’s in town for: Writers










Jude Law
Why: Because we share the same birthday, so I’m convinced we’re kindred spirits. I once saw him buying men’s socks at Holt Renfrew, so there’s also that.
What he’s in town for: Anna Karenina







Bill Murray

Why: Because Bill and I go way back to 2010 when we ended up at the same house party where he laughed at all my jokes and served us vegan pasta and all kinds of other things that made it one of those moments that will flashback before me as I die.
What he’s in town for:  To hang out with me. duh. But also Hyde Park on Hudson


Travel Deal: SXSW to Toronto via Dallas

With the cheapest flight from Toronto to Austin (for SXSW) currently at $666 dollars, here’s one way of saving money on a flight and getting an extra vacation in:

  1. Go to YYZ deals and take advantage of their current travel deal
  2. Choose March 9 as your departure from Toronto to Dallas, and March 19 as your return from Dallas to Toronto for a total of $271.00
  3. Head on over to American Airlines
  4. Choose March 13 as your departure from Dallas to Austin and March 18 as your return from Austin to Toronto for a total of $232.60

Total price? $503.60 for a total savings of $162! Yeah, we realize you’ll have to pay extra for food and accommodations, but you’ll also get to see Dallas, so there’s that!

Happy Travels!

Now Playing | Divine Fits: A Thing Called Divine Fits

Eeeep! So Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs) + Britt Daniel (Spoon) + Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) = a brand new band called Divine Fits.

Their debut album, entitled A Thing Called Divine Fits, will be available for purchase Agust 28 – BUT you can listen to it now on the band’s official site !
Just as amazing as you’d expect, huh?!

Divine Fits plays Toronto on September 5th! More info here.

Pre-order the album here.
Check out even more tour dates here.


Last night, we took part in the parties and traditional hangover followed… which can only mean we’re onto day one of the showcases! Oh hey NXNE, welcome back. You’ve been missed!

Here’s where you may find some of us tonight.

Yonge-Dundas Square Free Show:
Mudhoney: 9 p.m.                            
X: 10 p.m.     

The Rivoli
Chris Velan, Zeus, Buck 65, Grand Analog and the Kate Rogers Band
Performances start: 9 p.m.

Sneaky Dee’s
Indian Jewellery – 11pm

Silver Dollar
Strange Boys (!!!!!!!!!!) – 1am

Reviews to follow!

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