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MUST SEE IN THE CITY | This Week’s Toronto Concerts Not To Miss Out On

With festival season just around the corner (*cue shrieks of joy here*), take advantage of this forecasted rainy week by checking out these bands at some of your favourite indoor bars and venues:
Who: Butch Walker and Jonathan Tyler
When: Tuesday, May 26
Where: Mod Club
Who: Constantines and Chad VanGaalen
When: Wednesday, May 27
Where: Massey Hall

Who: Sebadoh
When: Wednesday, May 27
Where: Lee’s Palace


When flipping through a magazine…i fell in love with page 15

ok, so technically it wasn't on page 15 (p.s. it's a JPE song lyric) but on the cover of the Arts and Life section of the National Post this morning, there's a great article about one of my all-time favourite musicians; the absolutely amazingly talented Haligonian Joel Plaskett.

I loooooove him. Like wouldn't take no for an answer and had to be let in to a sold out show at Hugh's Room back in 2005 kind of love, like a spend money to see the both the Hip and then a year later Blue Rodeo at the Molson Amphitheatre just to see him open for them kind of love, like practically crying tears of joy on a plane bound for Halifax during the Junos watching him perform 'Love This Town' on Canada AM kind of love, like when a friend texted me to let me know she had just recently bumped into him on the street and he stopped to talk to her and i shrieked like a little school girl reading the text at a bar full of music industry people kind of love, like when I went to all the shows when he performed a special 6-day stint at the Horseshoe Tavern last December kind of love.



follow the link to the National Post article here: http://www.nationalpost.com/arts/story.html?id=1419461

Mr. Plaskett's triple(!!!!)- disc, THREE comes out TODAY!!!!
He and his band The Emergency plus  friends will be playing Massey Hall on May 23.
Get your tickets now!



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Holy Abs Batman!

Review: Hedley @ Massey Hall Oct 18, 2008

I'm slightly older than the average Hedley fan… but the possible embarrassment did not keep me from attending Saturday night’s concert.

After a minor delay at the homestead I cabbed it to the venue – which cost me less than a morning cab ride to work even though it’s further! My sugar momma met me at the door, gave me my ticket and led me in to the dark depths of Massey Hall… to the basement bar, where she’d been camped out waiting for me. We were promptly served with a smile by a couple of good friends of ours (it’s handy to have friends in expensive bars). We propped up against the bar sipping (gulping) our free doubles till after the opening band was done. The opener, who’s name no one knew… did not impress the two young fellows we asked as they ordered their micro-brewery beer – because Massey Hall ONLY sells microbrew beers… which got a lot of funny looks for obvious reasons!

So we said our goodbyes to the friends we made at the bar…. our glasses, and made our way up to our seats, which as we soon discovered where practically ON the stage. We died a little/a lot.

The Odd Couple theme song played as the band’s entrance song.. which was lost on the crowd (including me) because we were not born yet, thankfully my sugar momma has a few years on me, and knew what it was! There were no stage effects or choreographed dancing… it certainly wasn’t a Backstreet Boys concert, but it was so high energy from the beginning to the moment I left. I had to leave early because my Pop the rockstar had a gig a across town that I wanted to catch (would I make this shit up?)!

They started with the hits from the earlier album, 321, Gunnin’, Trip, On My Own and moved into an acoustic set which was accompanied by a ‘costume change’. Mr. Hoggard changed into a super nerdy/cute pull over v neck and button up shirt and combed his hair back *melt, melt, melt*. They even did a cover of a Dixie Chicks song! After the country lesson was done, the band walked off stage and did yet another ‘costume change’, and came back out exploding into the hits from their new album! Thank goodness! I like Famous Last Words better… and the clock was ticking, I had to get out to the ghetto for my dad’s gig the nightly gunfire started! I’m only half kidding about that!  The final costume adjustment was Jacob removing his shirt… wow, holy abs Batman! That washboard stomach was not lost on me! At that moment I fully appreciated my 4th row center ticket, and my brand new camera with an amazing zoom on it.


On the whole I’d give the gig an enthusiastic thumbs up. I’d raise a glass of vodka in honour, but there are too many young kids in the audience.



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