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MUST SEE IN THE CITY | This Week’s Toronto Concerts Not To Miss Out On

With festival season just around the corner (*cue shrieks of joy here*), take advantage of this forecasted rainy week by checking out these bands at some of your favourite indoor bars and venues:
Who: Butch Walker and Jonathan Tyler
When: Tuesday, May 26
Where: Mod Club
Who: Constantines and Chad VanGaalen
When: Wednesday, May 27
Where: Massey Hall

Who: Sebadoh
When: Wednesday, May 27
Where: Lee’s Palace


Must See In The City: This Week’s Toronto Concerts Not To Miss Out On

You know it’s Fall when the leaves are changing colours, it’s sweater weather and (the best part!) all the awesome music starts coming through town! Here’s who we’re looking forward to this week: 

Who: Wye Oak
When: Monday, September 17, 2012
Why: Because this is some really good sh*t to ease into the fact that today is no longer the weekend.
Where: Horseshoe Tavern

Who: Wild Nothing with DIIV and Yacht Club
When: Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Why: Because I dare you to listen to Wild Nothing’s latest album, Nocturne, and not die of happiness & DIIV blew everyone away at NXNE, and I’m giving you this one more chance before the “I told you so’s” begin
Where: The Great Hall

Who: Grimes
When: Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22, 2012
Why: Because I think one may just die of dancing at this show
Where: Lee’s Palace

Who: The Heavy with The Silent Comedy
When: Sunday, September 23, 2012
Why: Because The Heavy is like the Black Keys but better (sorry!) and British. so yep. Get there early to check out
the openers The Silent Comedy because they’re pretty awesome, too.

Thrush Hermit x 3 plus Black Lips x 2 = This Weekend In Toronto

Just when I thought I'd spend the weekend all depressed, coming off my SXSW high, Toronto steps up and delivers what promises to be a relapse of awesomeness proportions.

For anyone who's lucky enough to have scored tickets/scalp some at the venue, here's where the fun will be at this weekend:

Canadian Indie Royalty and current NOW cover boys, Thrush Hermit are BACK..at least for a mini reunion tour. Holy mother, this is one show I'd probably sell my kidney for! (Lucky for me, I bought tickets in advance and won't have to worry about doing that). The boys will be playing THREE shows starting TONIGHT at Lee's Palace.

Openers for the show:
Friday – All Night Long
Saturday- Attack In Black
Sunday- Dinosaur Bones


Meanwhile Atlanta's self-proclaimed "flower-punk" handsomes Black Lips will be playing the Horseshoe Tavern this Saturday and Sunday. Holy mother, this is show two I'd probably sell my kidney for…although with the reputation that precedes their live shows, my kidney may very well end up getting kicked around, with bruises to boot.

Can't wait for BOTH. Thanks for the forecasted AH-MAZING times, Collective Concerts!





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Against the Grains and RMS Concerts announce a contest of epic proportions!

OMG you guys!
HUGE NEWS! I got the following email the other day:


"AGAINST THE GRAIN and RMS Concerts are starting a new company in
2010 and we want your help with choosing our new business name!

Think MUSIC, art, alternative, indie, new wave, cool but not retro, etc

If your name inspires us or is chosen you will win ONE YEAR OF FREE
CONCERT TICKETS (+ 1) to all ATG, RMS, H-Shoe Tavern, & Lees Palace
shows (non-transferable).

Please send your submissions to shows@atgconcerts.com with "BUSINESS NAME" in the subject line.

Thanks and Good Luck!

http://www.rootmeansquare.ca "


um..hello, is this not the best contest ever or what?! getting into only the BEST SHOWS EVER in the city for a whole bloody year! My brain has been working overtime, but the only thing I'm coming up with, because I'm totally stuck on relating it back to Against the Grain is Harvest Moon….

bad, right?! Unless, of course, I can somehow become besties with Neil Young, send him on down to the ATG crew…maybe convince him to play a gig or ten at the Shoe, 'inspire' the gang, and ta da!..free shows for me for life!


umm…right. back to the drawing board it is for me, then!


if you think this contest is just as ridiculously amazing as I, then please DON'T send in your ideas. what are the odds of YOU winning?! seriously.


HOWEVER, if you're the most brilliant idea comer-upper ever and hate live music with a passion, please feel free to send in your suggestions to ME. I'll know exactly what to do with them :)








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