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WISH LIST: One Of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale

Goodness me! You know it’s time to start getting excited about Christmas when the One Of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale comes to town!

As usual, there is a Christmas gift to be found here for everyone. And a gift or ten to spoil yourself with. I ‘sacrificed’ hours going through the aisles of magic to bring your my favourite treasures from this year’s show. You’re welcome: 

Marianne Chenard – Ceramics
Booth Z – 17 

Ok, wow. Over the moon in love with Marianne Chenard’s beautiful Canadiana inspired maple syrup ceramic containers. Available in two sizes, the bigger ones are great for the home, while the smaller ones make the most perfect souvenir gifts.




Wine Planks

Booth V-26
One of my favourite exhibitors from last year is back!  This time – check out these gorgeous garden balls. I’m  tempted to buy one for my future Toronto home that I will be able to afford – never. womp womp. Does make a great gift for friends who can afford homes, though. Or even your apartment’s back deck. It’s too pretty to pass up!


Serge Robert Pottery

Booth U-51
Because of the way the flames hit the ceramics as they are being created, no two of these Japanese tea cups are ever the same, creating the most beautiful and unique pieces. Bonus points for you if you ever gift these to someone who’s been to Japan (me!) – they will love you for always! 



Rachel F Earmuffs

Booth V-32
You guys, I MUST own a pair of these incredibly beautiful earmuffs of heaven. Surely, someone out there must think I’m worth a measly $65?! At that price, I’d like a fur hat thrown in. And a Scarlette bag as well, please.


Katie McLellan’s Stuffed Dudes

Booth D-59
I fell in love with these stuffed dudes at first sight – and then times a million more when I encountered the cutest toddler ever not being able to take his eyes off of them. They’re definitely cute kid approved for those adorable little people in your life.



Dapila Hand Made Casts

Booth T-15
I am spellbound by these decorative handmade casts. They make the most unique bathroom decorations, providing a practical storage solution – from toothbrush holders to vases, and beyond. Love!



Overman Jewellery

Booth B-22
Another returning favourite, Overman creates the most amazing jewellery from watch pieces. Because I already own one of the adorable robots, the bulb necklace is next on my list!



Celine Fafard
Booth C-54
Oh my heart! I am smitten! Celine Fafard’s ceramic pieces include some of the most beautiful mugs, tea cups, bowls and vases I have ever laid eyes on!





The One of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale runs November 22 – December 2.

For more information, check out their website.

All I Want For Christmas…

Aside from the regular peace on earth, end to world hunger, and an chlamydia-free universe that i clearly put on top of my Christmas list each and every year, I thought i'd be a little less self-less, a little more selfish and make a very humbling wishlist:




Luis Porem RbG Rainbow Glasses

your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, my friends. you're looking at A pair of glasses that you can change the frame's colour with colourful ink!
ok. how cool!
ANNND if the ink just happens to explode all over your face, just think of the fascinating stories that'll create!


Chanel Guitar Case

Ok. So who cares if I don’t even play guitar? No one will once they see me carrying around this piece of beauty! Who needs a guitar when you can fit your life in there?! And with a guesstimated tagline of 5.78 bazillion, I am sure I would NEED to carry all my life in there. I’m cool with being homeless as longs as it brings me closer to the genius of Karl.
And as an added bonus, judging by those legs, anorexia would be pretty awesome, too!




Chuck Bass

For the love of Dorota, somebody please make this happen! Out of all my Christmas wish list items, you’d think this one would be the easiest of all. For one thing, he’s British. For another, he ‘dated’ (and I use that term VERY loosely, being the lady that I am) Drew Barrymore, and subsequently, 173 of her previous boyfriends (and girlfriends?!), and yet, I still wouldn’t mind sharing all those cooties. Dear Rudolph…deliver!


This website: http://weloveholidaysweaters.wehatesheep.com/

And all the sweaters in their ‘window shopping’ section.
Because we all know I’d wear a different one each and every day of the 365 days in a year.




So sue me for jumping on the bandwagon five years late. They only came out here in Canada like practically yesterday. Probably just as much fun as getting an STD from Chuck Bass, these phones also have the most amazing GPS system! I would, probably hardly ever be late anymore! Unless of course I couldn’t decide over this shoe or this shoe, and this shoe with this belt, or these earings and jacket, or bumped into my cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s sister’s friend’s neighbour’s sitter, or the aliens landed in my living room, or all the million other things that I swear happen to me all.the.time. which is why I’m always late…

But seriously an iphone would rock my world, though it’s probably the least likely option as I’d have to switch my phone service provider.

And Bell wonders WHY I never pay phone bill. Ever.

Get an iphone and I’ll start.




Because if Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-Il get to rule one each, how come I don’t get to?!

As boss of Japan, I would be a super good leader. Basically run the country as is, out of my presidential office on top of the Starbucks beside the 6-way intersection in Shibuya.  



No, I don’t mean the mighty Opes herself, people. But ANYTHING, and I mean absolutely ANYTHING from her Oprah store, now available online!!! http://oprahstore.oprah.com/

You bet your bottom dollar I’ll soon be sporting my very own Oprah gym towel, flanked in my Oprah workout outfit, while carrying my Oprah gym bag.

If there really is a Santa Claus, that is…

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