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Danny Brown GQ’d in 10 Essentials


Our future husband is currently featured on GQ’s 10 Essentials, joining the ranks of other stylish men, including Alexander Wang, Kanye West and the men behind Warby Parker, in discussing his 10 favourite fashion related things.

Here’s why we’re crushing on Danny Brown even MORE now:

He’s a badass:
Danny Brown talks about the time he used to sell drugs out of a friend’s apartment and “When the police would raid the building we’d run up to the roof so they couldn’t catch us.” Which doesn’t really explain why the Detroit Police Department isn’t smart enough to check the roofs of the buildings they’re raiding, but how totally badass, non?!

He’s a computer nerd/smarty pants:
I use the Internet for what it’s for: to learn” Danny explains. You had us at learn, Danny Brown. You had us at learn.

He’s stylish:
Margiela shoes? Rick Owens sleeping bag cape? Mark McNairy’s fashion show? Yep. We’re in love.

He’s charming:
Because he totes charmed his way to a pair of $500 headphones AND a pair of 50 cent’s pants (that he gave away because he obvs has better taste than that!)

To read the full list of Danny Brown’s 10 Essentials, click here.

GOING VIRAL | Things That Make The World (Wide Web) Go Round

Move over Brandy and Monica  (via Buzzfeed)

Star Watch 2012: 10 Celebrities We’re Excited To Run Into At This Year’s TIFF

Boy, seems just like yesterday we were making our list of the hottest celebrities to casually bump into at the Starbucks in Yorkville for TIFF 2011. And then TIFF came and went and we probably ran into someone but who really knows underneath all that haze that is the free-booze parties? Oh and the movies. So many movies!

Moving right along, here’s list of people we’re determined to run into this year. Some returning favourites, plus a slew of others;








Ezra Miller
Why: See last year.
What he’s in town for: The Perks of Being  A Wallflower. – an adaptation of a novel that probably defined your high school life if you were born in the mid-80s. so yeah.










Marion Cotillard
Why: Because I used to think she was a talented chick, and then I went to Paris and stayed at the most amazing hotel in the world and one night, after devouring all the dessert from the nearby patisserie to the point where I could no longer physically move, I put on La Vie En Rose and watched it with mind fully blown; not only was I watching the movie about a five minute walk from where Edith Piaf was buried, but Marion Cotillard WAS Edith Piaf reincarnated. Mind blown. Mind FREAKING Blown.
What she’s in town for: Rust and Bone








Zac Efron
Why: Because I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen 17 Again – one of the best movies of our time. Stop your snickering, it’s true! And then I watched Charlie St. Cloud and winced in horror of how truly awful that movie was. So now I wait for the moment Zac Efron proves himself again.
What he’s in town for: At Any Price and The Paperboy










Colin Farrell
Why: Because everytime Colin Farrell is in Toronto, he does something ridiculously incredible like saves homeless people! What a dreamboat!
What he’s in town for: Seven Psychopaths








James Franco
Why: Because they don’t come hotter than James Franco these days. And while everyone’s trying to figure out if he’s legitimately insane for all the things that he does, I’m just trying o figure out the best place to stalk him. But in like a friendly Canadian stalking way that won’t get further than me seeing him and manically giggling away to myself, unable to even look at such hotness. SIGH.
What he’s in town for:  The Iceman, Spring Breakers










Garrett Hedlund
Why: Because Country Strong is seriously one of the best movies ever made, especially at the end where (SPOILER ALERT) Gwyneth Paltrow’s character dies. Beau Hutton crooning in a country bar basically solidified my interest in travelling to Nashville, meeting a cowboy and falling in love. For reals.
What he’s in town for: A movie that I can’t believe they let Kristen Stewart ‘act’ in! There should be laws against these types of things, Hollywood!










Kristen Wiig
Why: Because she’s like the funniest lady in America these days, and I want to be her BFF.
What she’s in town for: Imogene







Patrick Schwarzenegger
Why: Because what?! The Schwarzenegger children all grown up? It would be interesting to see if this kid takes after his father in the acting department…
What he’s in town for: Writers










Jude Law
Why: Because we share the same birthday, so I’m convinced we’re kindred spirits. I once saw him buying men’s socks at Holt Renfrew, so there’s also that.
What he’s in town for: Anna Karenina







Bill Murray

Why: Because Bill and I go way back to 2010 when we ended up at the same house party where he laughed at all my jokes and served us vegan pasta and all kinds of other things that made it one of those moments that will flashback before me as I die.
What he’s in town for:  To hang out with me. duh. But also Hyde Park on Hudson


Going Viral: Things That Make The World (Wide Web) Go Round

And then this happened:
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