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Danny Brown GQ’d in 10 Essentials


Our future husband is currently featured on GQ’s 10 Essentials, joining the ranks of other stylish men, including Alexander Wang, Kanye West and the men behind Warby Parker, in discussing his 10 favourite fashion related things.

Here’s why we’re crushing on Danny Brown even MORE now:

He’s a badass:
Danny Brown talks about the time he used to sell drugs out of a friend’s apartment and “When the police would raid the building we’d run up to the roof so they couldn’t catch us.” Which doesn’t really explain why the Detroit Police Department isn’t smart enough to check the roofs of the buildings they’re raiding, but how totally badass, non?!

He’s a computer nerd/smarty pants:
I use the Internet for what it’s for: to learn” Danny explains. You had us at learn, Danny Brown. You had us at learn.

He’s stylish:
Margiela shoes? Rick Owens sleeping bag cape? Mark McNairy’s fashion show? Yep. We’re in love.

He’s charming:
Because he totes charmed his way to a pair of $500 headphones AND a pair of 50 cent’s pants (that he gave away because he obvs has better taste than that!)

To read the full list of Danny Brown’s 10 Essentials, click here.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Lust List

I have two critical questions after seeing the latest Fall Collection from New York’s recent Fashion Week:

“Is it Fall 2012 yet?”
“Can someone please make me a gadzillionaire already!”

Here’s some of the pieces that stood out for me from the designer’s Ready to Wear Collections:

Elizabeth and James

Remember when Michelle Tanner got all growned up, became two people and started a high end collection I regularly lust over at Holt Renfrew? Crazy stuff, non?
Not going to lie, I wasn’t entirely wowed by Elizabeth and James’ collection like I was expecting to be, but I’ve been all over pleated skirts as of about a month ago, so I’m obviously all over the look below:


Alice and Olivia

Another collection I like drooling over while at Holt Renfrew. It usually strikes my eye because it’s one of the rare designers I can actually afford (though I suspect this was because I used to get a very generous discount. tear!) Again, wasn’t impressed with the Fall 2012 collection as a lot of the pieces seemed like something you’ll be able to buy a knock-off of at Forever 21, however I did fall in love with the two dresses below. Perfect for any occasion, I’d wear those babies everywhere.












Helmut Lang

If there is one thing that could motivate me to lose 40lbs, it’s someone telling me that if I lost all my body fat, they’d buy me Helmut Lang’s entire Fall 2012 Collection. Done and done. All I need know is an investor. My favourite pieces below:






























The Row

How can one collection be a smorgasboard of things so hideous (more on this later) and also so absolutely stunning. Mind is blown. Someone buy me these four looks:





















Badgley Mischka

This winter wonderfland ice-queen thing the Badley Mischka collection has going on for them is beautiful. If I were a celebrity, I’d definitely be getting my publicists and stylists to give them a call about the following dresses for insert award show here:





















Band of Outsiders

This western-themed hot-babe-cowgirl inspired look is totally badass and totally hot. I would obviously style that dress a teensy bit different by, ahem, putting on a bra (because omg how are those breasts of hers doing what they’re doing without any sort of anything holding them up like that?!) but it is absolutely beautiful, and the sweater and orange pant piece is something I’m saving up for because I NEED IT SO BADLY, darn it!


























Rag and Bone

Because how can you even associate beautiful autumn colours and walking in the fresh breezy air, with your feet crunching down on the freshly fallen leaves without picturing yourself wearing anything but Rag and Bone?! swoon.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Bunch of Really Pretty Things

Remember Season 1 Episode 8 of Gossip Girl (why yes I do reference everything ever in life to that show) when Blair turned 17 and put a bunch of Jewellery on hold for Nathaniel to buy her. And then she calls the store and they inform her someone has picked up the necklace she wanted (which was actually really ugly, by the way) and she totally thinks Nate did it. But at the end of the episode we find out that Chuck Bass was the one who picked it up for her, and as he puts it on her, he tells her that something so beautiful deserves to be on someone deserving of its beauty. Squeal!

Um. You know what would be really awesome? If I had a Chuck Bass this holiday season. It’s not too late, potential suitors! Here’s what I’m hoping to find under my Christmas tree this year:

Makr’s Black Canvas Farm Ruck Sack

I dare you to say the name ten times fast! This backpack is so, so, so gorgeous with heavy padded shoulders (your back will thank you!) and a whole load of pockets. I am already picturing myself bringing this on all my future vacations of life. Or to the corner store just to look super cool.

Go Buy It Now At: Lost and Found

Miansai Bracelets


Speaking of going to Lost and Found, you can also purchase one of these gorgeous bracelets. The story carries a variety of colours and styles. I’ve been obsessed with owning one ever since it was featured in my style bible and with them being so affordable, I swear I will get my act together one of these days to purchase it. My Links of London friendship bracelet that reminds me of the time I touched Brad Pitt could totally use a bff on its arm (heh. get it?)

Go Buy It Now At: Lost and Found

Mink Pink’s The Craft Velvet Dress

This is the most perfect dress to wear this Christmas. And New Years. And any weekend from now until you find another velvet piece as beautiful as this Mink Pink dress. I dare you

Go Buy It Now At: Jacflash

Pour La Victoire Neema Oxford Flats

Are these not the most amazing flats you have ever seen in your life? I have to own these. These NEED to be mine!

Go Buy It Now At:

One Of A Kind Show: Best Bets For Its Final Days

You know Christmas is almost here when the One of A Kind Christmas Show and Sale comes through Toronto. This lovely and unique craft sale, where artisans from all over the country show off their beautifully handcrafted items and customers shop till they drop is wrapping up its last until Sunday, December 4 at the CNE’s Direct Energy Centre. Already overwhelmed and exhausted even thinking of walking through the aisles upon aisles of awesome stuff to buy? Have no fear! Here are some of our favourite items at this year’s show:


Love, love, love this PEI native’s unique jewellery pieces, which are made with antique watch parts. From necklaces to hair pins to rings to bracelets – he does it all! And he does it all beautifully! And I may be biased because I already own one, but are the Robots not the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? THEY SO ARE!


Hides in Hand:


Raise your hand if you’re already sick of this upcoming winter and have lost every single pair of gloves from the dollar store you keep meaning to replace with good gloves when old man winter finally comes. Hides in Hands is totally your chance! In fact, the beautiful leather products – from gloves to hats – will make you wish for winter to come faster so you can put these beauties on your body.



Do your candles a big favour and buy them one of these gorgeous candleholders to hang out in. Made out of discarded wine barrels, Wineplanks produces a variety of products, including platters, trays and even coat racks. Know some sort of grown up who just bought a house? (I do!) Quick! Pick them up one of these, henceforth known as the best housewarming present ever.

Hoi Bo


I remember seeing Hoi Bo items last year being featured in some media for the One of A Kind Show but never actually coming across it at the show. Well, I finally did this week and holy gorgeous! From breathtakingly beautiful handmade bags to breathtakingly beautiful handmade necklaces, this place carries items that are beyond gorgeous! And the good news? It’s a Toronto company located right in the distillery district!




Photo Courtesy of Barefoot Contessa

I am so in love with this Vancouver based handmade jewellery. These chic necklaces, bracelets and earrings are super modern yet classic pieces you’ll want to keep forever all at the same time. I’ve already put a couple (ok five, because I’m not greedy) must-have items on my Christmas list!

Elizabeth Hurley Is Engaged

And the only reason i’m interested in this is because her fiance has the strangest face. I hope it’s because he’s not photogenic, but looking at some of the photos that have been in the press lately – it looks like he would be more likely to be interested in Hurley’s ex, Hugh Grant.
Here is a picture of them from the night they got engaged.
Do you see what i’m saying…? And please someone tell him to take it easy on the fake n’ bake, it’s highly unattractive – even with Liz hurley on your arm!

92 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

It’s true ya’ll! You just have 92 shopping days left until Christmas. (Assuming you don’t shop at a store that’s open on Christmas (please don’t, that’s tacky). So why not start your shopping early and head on down to the Clothing Show this weekend!

Now in it’s 34th year, the Clothing Show is a great 3 day event to find yourself something pretty. And because shopping for the people on your Christmas list (wink, wink; nudge, nudge) can be completely overwhelming, here’s our top picks of what you should be buying…for us!

Better Stay Together
Why: Because this place is your one-stop shop for all things unique and creative. From beautiful handmade  blouses to the best in vintage to one of a kind silk screened t-shirts. Oh my gosh, I love it all!
Most Coveted Item:  Can’t decide between the following three!


Why: Because I am a sucker for anything pretty to drape around my head. From turbans to furmuffs and even good ol’ fashioned hair clips, Headmistress has you covered (heh…get it?) !

Coveted item: Omg.omg.omg. THIS!

Curious Oddities
Why: Because they’re the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery ever and you can get lost in their stories forever
Coveted item: Forget wanting, I NEED this:


Olena Zylak 
Why:  Because I’ve never had more compliments than when I wear my beautifully hand knitted hat
Coveted item: sooo cozy!

The Clothing Show runs September 23 – 25 at the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition.

NJ Bridal Salon should be renamed, here comes the BIGOT.

Hi Friends!
I wanted to share with you a piece of news i read this morning about a Bridal Salon that refused to sell a wedding dress to a bride, because she was a lesbian. The bigoted owner of the store called up the bride and said” what you’re describing in this paperwork is illegal, and we do not participate in illegal actions”. You can hear her succinct voicemail here.
I’m disgusted by this. I’m currently a bride-to-be and there are enough things to worry about without having the dress of your dreams left hanging in the store because some woman in NEW JERSEY can’t get her head around the idea that love is free, and you’re free to give it to whom ever you chose. I feel just awful for this bride.
And just for the record Donna Saber, it is actually ILLEGAL for a person to refuse to buy from, sell to, contract or otherwise do business with an individual because of the individual’s sexual orientation. I’m not sure where you got off imposing your small minded life views on other people.
Brides in the New Jersey area, please do not support this woman or her store.

And to Alix Genter, i hope this experience hasn’t ruined your planning experience. I hope your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be! Much Happiness to you and your bride!


How did the wedding smell?

Is this really a question people wanted answered?
I’ve been to a fair number of weddings in my time, and I don’t think I can recall how any of them smelled.
For those who’ve been wondering about it, the bride – Duchess Catherine, smelled like White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum. Don’t all rush out at once…. there’s now a two week waiting list for the fragrance. Essentially you had to be hanging out in the John Lewis or Selfridges Fragrance department at the exact moment of this announcement to get a bottle. And for those not in the UK, you had no chance! Place your orders now, but don’t pay more that $115 for the bottle – you’re getting ripped off.
And for the extreme Royal Wedding enthusiast, the Abbey was awash with the scents of Jo Malone’s orange blossom and grapefruit candles.
No word on if there’s any left in the world, but get googling!

I will never wash my face again…

And this is not a story about the time I met Dave Grohl and he gave me a hug.
This is a terrible awful story about a trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart, Pharmaplus, & the Wal-Mart beauty section.

It should be known that i’m fiercely loyal to my facial cleansing products. I have sensitive skin, very sensitive. I once bought a face wash by a company who’s moisturizer i used. I thought, if i’m not allergic to the moisturizer, i’m sure the face wash is fine. WRONG. This was two days before my first trip to NYC. I broke out in a massive itchy red rash that lasted almost my whole trip. If i accidently get a bit of lip gloss on my face, rash. Remember when shimmery blush was popular? Rash.
So when i found a great product made by Dove, that didn’t give me a rash, i was over the moon!
Last week, i was running low on my face cleansing cloths that i use to take off my eye makeup. I went to the Shopper’s by my work, not a single Dove product in the skin care aisle. Weird. Went to another Shopper’s, again no Dove products. Pharmaplus was the same. And my last beacon of hope – Wal-Mart, was also out! Tear!!!
A little Google research tells me, i’m not the only girl in ths predicament!
Dove has discontinued their line of facial products!!

I’m really sad!
I also tried to pull an “Elaine” (Seinfeld fans will know what i’m talking about). No luck.