Danny Brown GQ’d in 10 Essentials


Our future husband is currently featured on GQ’s 10 Essentials, joining the ranks of other stylish men, including Alexander Wang, Kanye West and the men behind Warby Parker, in discussing his 10 favourite fashion related things.

Here’s why we’re crushing on Danny Brown even MORE now:

He’s a badass:
Danny Brown talks about the time he used to sell drugs out of a friend’s apartment and “When the police would raid the building we’d run up to the roof so they couldn’t catch us.” Which doesn’t really explain why the Detroit Police Department isn’t smart enough to check the roofs of the buildings they’re raiding, but how totally badass, non?!

He’s a computer nerd/smarty pants:
I use the Internet for what it’s for: to learn” Danny explains. You had us at learn, Danny Brown. You had us at learn.

He’s stylish:
Margiela shoes? Rick Owens sleeping bag cape? Mark McNairy’s fashion show? Yep. We’re in love.

He’s charming:
Because he totes charmed his way to a pair of $500 headphones AND a pair of 50 cent’s pants (that he gave away because he obvs has better taste than that!)

To read the full list of Danny Brown’s 10 Essentials, click here.

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